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Starts Monday 15th February

Every Monday for 15 Weeks

Starting at 7:00pm and

Finishing on or before 9:00pm

Includes: Main talk, Testimony and

follow on discussion in small groups.

(Contact details below)

The Recovery Course Online

This Local Online version of The Recovery Course is open to anyone in Darlington and its surrounding area who is struggling with any sort of addiction or any compulsive behaviour, including drugs, alcohol, pornography, sex, gambling and self-harming.


The course is led by people who have, themselves, experienced addiction but who are now in recovery and walking free.

This local online course is run by Roots Recovery in Darlington and runs for fifteen weeks. It is a Christ centred course which follows the twelve steps used by AA. Each week there will be a short teaching video and a testimony which will be followed by quality time in a discussion group. The discussion groups are single-sex which we find helps each guest to best understand addiction and gain skills and knowledge to attain and retain freedom.

Includes: Main talk and testimony and single-sex groups for discussion.

Everyone is welcome!

All those who struggle with addiction, compulsive behaviours or other secret habits. You can be in solid recovery, new to recovery or still working towards recovery.

The Recovery Course is all about becoming free and staying free.

Register for The Recovery Course

To register for The Local Online Recovery Course please email us by using the submit button below or email us directly using Please make sure you include your name in the email.


We will only use the email to confirm that you have successfully registered and to keep you informed prior to the course starting.